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Boxing classes for women are becoming increasingly popular as more and more women are discovering the benefits of the sport. Boxing is a great way to improve overall fitness, build strength, and increase self-confidence. Classes typically focus on a variety of techniques including footwork, punching, and defense. Many classes also incorporate cardio and strength training exercises to help participants build endurance and tone their muscles.

One of the main benefits of boxing classes for women is the emphasis on self-defense. These classes teach participants how to defend themselves in potentially dangerous situations, giving them a sense of empowerment and control. Additionally, boxing is a full-body workout that burns calories and improves cardiovascular health.

The Foundry now offers boxing classes specifically for women, and these classes are taught by Chayanne Celiant, a female instructor with over a decade of experience in competitive boxing who understands the unique needs and concerns of female participants. The classes are designed for participants of all skill levels, so whether you are a beginner or have some experience, you can find a class that is right for you.

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Book your free session below, create an account and select “Martial Arts Class – Trial Class” under payment options to register for your free boxing class. Then show up about 10 minutes before the scheduled time to sign in review our policies prior to joining the class. We have equipment for you to borrow or you can purchase new equipment. If you already have your own training gear, feel free to use that in our facility as well.

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Women's boxing classes

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