At The Foundry, besides offering something for everyone in the fitness field, we also offer the area’s best martial arts programs in a variety of styles. Our martial arts and combative sports classes are suited for casual members or for amateur and professional fighters and grapplers. You don’t have to be afraid of getting beat up in the class if you aren’t interested in competing, but every member of our martial arts classes if pushed to do their best and improve over time.

If you have children that could benefit from self-defense instruction especially with bully prevention, we would love to meet them. Our youth martial arts classes give your child(ren) the necessary techniques they will need to succeed in education, athletics, and eventually the workforce. Benefits of training include each child developing a strong work ethic, discipline and confidence. And those traits go a long way.

Self-defense also sits as the core element in our systems. We want each of of our students to be able to act when the time comes.

1 Class per Week

1 Class Per Week

$79.99 every 4 weeks
  • Includes 1 martial arts class per week

Choose if you are interested in Casual Training

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2 Classes per Week

2 Classes Per Week

$109.99 every 4 weeks
  • Includes 2 martial arts classes per week

Good if you want to learn 1 style of martial art

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4 Classes per Week

4 Class Per Week

$139.99 every 4 weeks
  • Includes up to 4 martial arts classes per week

Great for mastering 1 style or learning 2 different styles

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Unlimited Classes

Martial Arts Class Schedule