What is Olympic Weightlifting?

Olympic Weightlifting is a sport practiced around the world. It is a great workout and helps you develop strength, endurance, and explosiveness. While the sport of Olympic Weightlifting consists of only 2 movements, the snatch and the clean and jerk, learning how to lift is a never ending process.

It is said that the sport of golf can never truly be mastered as there are so many variables at play on the course that no two swings will ever be alike. The same is true for Olympic Weightlifting. The goal is to perfect the movements through repetition, muscle memory, and by increasing your strength over time. But when moving tens or hundreds of kilos overhead on a 28mm diameter bar, there are always adjustments that will be made to balance and maneuver the weight that make each lift unique.

Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting

How Does it Help Athletes?

Due to the explosive nature of the movements in Olympic weightlifting, there are many benefits to incorporating these lifts to your normal routine. No matter what physical sport or activity you engage in, explosiveness and strength are going to be beneficial. In addition to the manner in which the bar is lifted overhead, your entire body is utilized to stabilize and hold the weight. For this reason people who Olympic lift regularly generally have strong legs, cores, shoulders and arms, and grips which can benefit any physical activity outside of Olympic lifting.

Competition Opportunities

Besides the overall physical benefits of lifting weights, as an international sport, lifters have the opportunity to compete in competitions all around the world. The Foundry hosts several lifters on the US national team and Olympians. Our junior lifters have won national titles and been given opportunities to travel around the country and overseas to compete.

Some of the more prolific athletes who train at our facility include Olympians CJ Cummings and Mahassen Hala Fattouh as well as other ranked national and international competitors.

Olympic Weightlifting Class Schedule

Olympic Lifts for Beginners and How to Perform Them

If you are new to weightlifting, you should join a program that teaches you proper form and technique on your first day. Your strength will grow, but whenever you are moving weight overhead, it is especially important that you understand the movements prior to adding weight onto the bar. A fundamentals class at The Foundry can be a great way to learn the techniques without risk of injury.

These courses are held periodically at The Foundry, but if you join when a course isn’t ongoing, you can still learn the fundamentals from a coach in our regular classes. You can also inquire for 1 on 1 instruction on the form and techniques if you would like additional focused attention.

Why You Should Start Doing Olympic Weight Lifting Now

If you enjoy working out but feel like your gym visits don’t stimulate your mind or provide you with the competitive opportunities you crave to keep you motivated, then Olympic weightlifting is definitely worth trying out. If you know how to snatch and clean and jerk but want to refine your technique to prevent the risk of injury or to compete in Olympic style events, then this is a great program to be a part of as well. And if you have competed in Olympic weightlifting, but are looking to compete on a bigger stage with some of the best lifters in the country and world, then give us a visit and talk with our coaches about how whether you have what it takes to compete for our team.

Jesse Sanborn

Olympic Weightlifting Coach
(843) 271-4185
Jesse Sanborn has been lifting for years and started with legendary Coach Ray Jones. As a coach, Jesse has seen his team win at many regional and even national events. He is a certified Olympic lifting coach and also works in physical therapy. Jesse is happy to work with youth and adult weightlifters interested in improving their techniques, getting stronger

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