The Foundry is a multipurpose gym offering many different exercises and activities to learn and to use to get into shape. We sometimes offer some great opportunities for new members or discounts on events or products that we thing everyone will benefit from, so we post them here so you can access them easily. Take a look at our current specials and stop in or give us a call (843-882-7688) if you have any questions.

Muay Thai Intro

Sign up for our intro to Muay Thai kickboxing class for a great workout while learning fun striking techniques. The fee of $150 includes 6 weeks of training and a beginner’s gear set.

Intro to BJJ

Sign up for our intro to BJJ class and learn the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and save. The $149.99 fee includes 6 weeks of training and your uniform.

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Upcoming Events

Personal Aerial Lyra Lesson

Learn the basic dynamics and core strength principles of aerial (Lyra) hoop. Delve into competition/performance techniques, or use time on the Lyra hoop to get fit in a fun new way. Aerial arts is a great way to build core, shoulder, arm, and leg strength all at the same time. Try something new, if you’d like to fly and get fit at the same time, try a Lyra hoop class! The sessions are currently 1 on 1 with an instructor and are available in 30 or 60 minute sessions. There is also a discount for booking multiple sessions at once.

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Stretch Therapy

Flexibility and mobility are essential for a high quality of life. If you walk around with joint stiffness or just need to stretch but don’t take the time to do it, book yourself a session at The Foundry. This private, 1 on 1 session is available in 30 or 60 minute sessions and is a great addition to your heavy lifting day or after a tough workout. Stretching is a great form of recovery to prevent your muscles from spasming or locking up. You can book a single session below or if you want to book multiple sessions, you can visit the gym to set them up.

Book a 1 on 1 Session: