At The Foundry, we offer a fitness center that has something for everyone. At a foundry iron and other metals are melted down in a crucible or melting pot. And our fitness center is a melting pot of training options. At any given time, we have members on the cardio machines, olympic lifting, working out with free weights, conditioning on weight machines, and in an aerobics or other group fitness class. And we love that. We love that people of different backgrounds in fitness and experiences in the gym can come together in this facility with a combined goal: To get stronger, faster, healthier and have a better physique.

Strength Training and Free Weights

The Foundry offers an opportunity for visitors at any level of fitness. We offer weights for powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding, or strength training. These include a large collection of free weights and bars, cable and hinged machines. We offer squat racks and a number of different benches as well as dumbbells and barbells. For Olympic lifters or people looking for more explosive and full body workout, we also offer bumper plates and lifting platfroms for deadlifts, cleans and snatches. We also offer functional training areas and implements for you to build muscle and get strong.

Fitness Center Pricing Options

Fitness Center 1-Day Pass

$5.00 first visit

Optional Day Pass Add-ons

  • Child Care – $5.00/child
  • Additional Visits – $10.00/day
  • Heavy Bag Area – $10.00/day

Fitness Center 5-Day Pass

$40.00 5 day pass

Optional Day Pass Add-ons

  • Child Care – $5.00/child each day
  • Additional Visits – $10.00/day
  • Heavy Bag Area – $10.00/day

Cardiovascular Fitness

For members interested more in cardiovascular training, we offer a number of cardio-based machines including elliptical machines, treadmills, and recumbent bikes as well as an aerobic fitness area for personal or group fitness training. The gym features various agility training devices for HIIT or Tabata style training.

Functional Training

Our Functional Fitness Training area is perfect for members looking for a range of dynamic workouts including circuit training, plyometrics, core exercise, and other functional training methods. Whether you are interested in joining a class or looking for your own workout in our functional training area, you have access to equipment to help you achieve your goals.

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