Looking for a skill based workout that will keep you motivated and teach you new abilities? Muay Thai is style of martial arts that incorporates punches, kicks, knee and elbow strikes and focuses on full body strength and cardiovascular fitness.

If you are a beginner to kickboxing, this course will give you a chance to learn new techniques and improve your overall fitness level without having to engage in sparring with more experienced participants. Each week you will learn a specific type of skill and practice drills that will reinforce the previous classes.

At the conclusion of the class, you should have a fair understanding of the basic techniques in Thai boxing and will have had 6 weeks of great workouts as well.

If your goal in joining this class is for the weight loss or for improving your fitness level, consider pairing it with a fitness center membership or 1 on 1 consultation with a nutrition expert at The Foundry for your best results. Click “sign up” above to Join today!


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