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The reason you choose to join a fitness center could be that you are looking to get in shape, lose weight, improve your athletic ability or just feel good about your health. Regardless of your reasons for stepping into the gym, you can definitely see better results with a trainer. A personal trainer’s job is to help you stay motivated and teach you the proper way to move your body for the maximum benefit.

If you are self motivated, you may think that hiring a personal trainer at The Foundry is just a waste of money, but before you decide that you don’t need anyone to help you, please read the article below:

It is no doubt that paying someone to help you work out seems like an outdated practice in an age where anyone can download a free fitness app in seconds…

Meet The Foundry Trainers

Lisa Giglio

Personal Trainer / Nutritionist
Lisa holds a masters in exercise science and sports nutrition and is a certified personal trainer, health coach, strength and conditioning specialist, tactical strength and conditioning specialist and sports nutritionist. Lisa has been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years and has experience working with clients towards a variety of goals including: Fueling for performance, healthy eating, muscle building, fat loss, pre/post natal fitness, injury prevention/recovery and sport/performance specific goals.  Lisa believes that staying fit and fueling for performance doesn’t have to be a chore if you can find the right motivation and an approach that works for you!

Joshua Knight

Personal Trainer
Joshua Knight has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a non-clinical Exercise Physiologist. With 7 years of coaching experience, Josh prefers to use calisthenics, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting variations to achieve fitness goals. He also offers recovery and mobility sessions in which an athlete can increase their range of motion, sooth sore muscles, and promote better form.

Abby Boose

Personal Trainer
Abby is a NASM certified personal trainer. Ever since she was 15 years old she has been passionate about Fitness and having a healthy lifestyle. She specializes in Strength, HITT, and Athletic training, but can work to achieve any clients goals. Her goal is to see her clients get the results they want to achieve, to the best of her abilities. She believes that anyone can do anything they put their mind to with a little confidence and push along the way.

Kristen Kollar

Personal Trainer
Kristen’s passion is to push her clients toward their goals one step at a time. She has been a personal trainer for 6 yrs and has seven certifications, while continuing her education to help clients achieve the best result possible with both one on one training and group classes. She specializes in personal training, exercise therapy, fitness nutrition, senior fitness, strength & conditioning, body building and physique and bikini coaching. Kristen also has an Associate’s of Psychology and is working towards a Bachelor’s with an emphasis on Life Coaching.

Josh Lilley

Personal Trainer
Josh is a former Marine and new trainer. His experience in fitness goes back to his childhood growing up in West Virginia when he trained for local sports. He focused on wrestling which became an asset later in life when he became a mixed martial arts fighter. He likes working with every client but is very interested in working with young athletes looking for an athletic edge on their sports team.

Nichole O'Brien

Personal Trainer
Nichole’s extensive background includes competition cheer, competitive acrobatic dance and gymnastics. Nichole was inspired to coach gymnastics at a young age when her mother opened a tumbling gym and has been coaching ever since.  Nichole says that the greatest gratification is watching the growth of confidence in someone and knowing that she had a part in it. She has recently competed in NPC. She’s currently is a certified personal trainer of nearly ten years and an instructor for spin and barre. When she’s not busy with her two daughters and work she enjoys teaching private tumbling sessions.

Michäel Kohler

Personal Trainer
Michäel is a newly certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist and comes with an extensive background. With 7 years experience as a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy, having served alongside both Sailors and Marines, his background in medicine, health and wellness, and physical training adds a unique vision on physical fitness and overall bodily function inside and out. Michäel is currently adding to his list of certifications as he pursues exercise therapy, corrective exercise, and tactical strength and conditioning specialist. His motivation is found through working with clients directly and in group settings to reach their goals through his key components of teamwork, commitment, and communication.

Trevor Wilson

Personal Trainer
Trevor has a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and is a certified personal trainer from the national academy of sports medicine. His passion for fitness is fueled from his experience when he lost 130 pounds in 8 months. With over 5 years of coaching experience he has an expertise in post rehab clientele and those with special exercise restrictions like overweight or orthopedic issues. He believes that goal setting is essential to getting the most out of your workout.

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