The reason you choose to join a fitness center could be that you are looking to get in shape, lose weight, improve your athletic ability or just feel good about your health. Regardless of your reasons for stepping into the gym, you can definitely see better results with a trainer. A personal trainer’s job is to help you stay motivated and teach you the proper way to move your body for the maximum benefit.

If you are self motivated, you may think that hiring a personal trainer at The Foundry is just a waste of money, but before you decide that you don’t need anyone to help you, please read the article below:

It is no doubt that paying someone to help you work out seems like an outdated practice in an age where anyone can download a free fitness app in seconds…

Meet The Foundry Trainers

Karina Garcia

Personal Trainer
Hi my name is Karina, I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer, as well as a nutritionist. I’ve struggled in the past with my weight and after having 3 kids it was challenging to feel like myself again. After hard work and determination I have reached my goals and want to help others feel just as good about themselves, mentally and physically. I am also fluent in Spanish for those of you who are more comfortable training in Spanish.

Tiffany Scruggs

Personal Trainer
Tiffany is a Certified Personal Trainer, Glute Specialist and is working on her Nutrition Certification. She has been in the fitness industry for 6 years. Whether you want to gain weight, lose weight or need muscle toning, Tiffany can help you achieve your goals. She believes life is not about being the best there is, life is about being better than you were yesterday.

Thedford Clark

Personal Trainer
From playing Pop Warner Football, High School football, and being an active duty U.S Marine for 12 years, working out and various aspects of fitness has been a part of my life in some way for most of my life. The inspiration to become a personal trainer was simply to help others create a healthier version of themselves that will hopefully be sustainable long term. Regardless of your goals, I am confident that I can assist you in achieving your goals as well as maintaining them. I look forward to training with you!

Rayquan Singleton

Personal Trainer
My name is Rayquan Singleton. I am passionate about providing my clients with the best workout experience in order to give them confidence and help them feel the best they have every felt. Since middle school, I have been an all around athlete involved in various sports such as football, basketball, track and field, and Olympic weightlifting. Whether you need to lose weight, build muscle or just need assurance on your form when you exercise, I am your man. Give me a call today to schedule an assessment.

Walter Gay

Personal Trainer
A Beaufort native, Walter returned to the Lowcountry in 2018 after serving as an Army Paratrooper. His time in the service enabled him to greatly broaden his fitness knowledge and experience. He has trained in bodybuilding, powerlifting, functional fitness, and currently competes in strong man events. As a certified personal trainer, Walter believes that having the gym and fitness as a staple in his life have helped him mentally just as much as physically the last 15 years. He looks forward to helping you find the same benefits and passion for fitness in your life.

Ben Konchar

Personal Trainer
Bio coming soon…

Alvin Simmons

Personal Trainer
Bio coming soon…

Dan Puccini

Personal Trainer
Bio coming soon…

Why Work with a Trainer?

Working with a personal trainer is a great way to get in shape and break through plateaus. Even if you are in good shape, a trainer will push harder than you will push yourself or give you new ideas and workouts. Call us or send us a message if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our certified personal trainers at The Foundry.

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