It is no doubt that paying someone to help you work out seems like an outdated practice in an age where anyone can download a free fitness app in seconds with many workouts you can do from your own home. So why should you even consider hiring someone and paying for a trainer?

There are many reasons that using a personal trainer is a wise investment for you to make.

1. Your Health is Important

“When I was young I used to…” is a common phrase that older folks say when they recount their youthful days when they weren’t in pain and did more physical activity. Getting older definitely comes at a cost, but many times working towards a healthy lifestyle at a younger age and adopting healthy patterns will help extend the time you have to enjoy the activities you have always enjoyed.

A trainer can help you improve your health, help you strengthen you cardio-vascular strength, and ultimately help you lose weight which takes stress off of other systems in your body. And these all produce a healthier person that is more able to do things that make them happy and for a longer time.

2. Personal Trainers are Motivators

Everyone will agree that they give up from time to time. They cheat on their diet, they decide to take a shorter route on their run, or they skip the workout all together. A qualified trainer will help you push yourself when you don’t think you can do it. When you are having an off day, they will give you a nudge to keep going, and when you feel like quitting they will reassure you that you can do it.

3. Hiring a Trainer Makes you Accountable

When you pay for a training session, you are taking out the choice to skip the gym. Your trainer relies on you for income and you rely on them for their guidance and expertise. So hiring a personal trainer is a great way to be accountable to yourself. You wouldn’t want to waste money right? Right! So make sure you make it to your next session and get the workout you paid for.

4. They Assess Your Fitness and Program Accordingly

Downloading a cookie cutter app for free may help some people, but it can’t look at the whole picture of your current physical limitations and fitness levels prior to giving you a workout. A trainer will speak with you and go through a simple assessment prior to enrolling you in their training program that is built specifically for YOU.

5. A Trainer Will Focus on Your Goals

Not everyone wants to lose weight. Sometimes you want to improve your agility, put on muscle mass, or train for a competition. This is where a personal trainer can really shine. By clearly laying out your goals before training, they can help you get the maximum results.

6. A Trainer Will Help Reduce Injury

Imagine that chime you get from a push notification as you look at your phone and see your fitness app’s workout for the day: 40 burpees, 15 kettlebell snatches, and a 100 meter run x 5… But my shoulder hurts and my knee is tight from an old football injury, what should I do? Work with a trainer! A trainer will make sure that you do the lifting techniques correctly and minimize injury by only giving you exercises that you are physically able to perform. They can program around injuries while still giving you results rather than just having you do the same workout everyone else is doing.

7. A Trainer Can Help You Through a Tough Time

Sometimes just having another person to engage with is important. And the relationship you form with your trainer can really be a help when you are having a bad day or after a traumatic experience. The comfortability of having interaction and reassurance of a person that striving for your well-being is very comforting and can help you get through it while challenging your body with a workout.

8. They Can Help you Develop Healthy Skills and Habits

Some people outgrow their need for personal training. You may just want to hire a trainer for new workout ideas or to see how training works. Once you have an understanding of what works for you and how you can get the most out of your training, you can always move on and motivate and push yourself to keep up your training. Who knows, you might even decide to be a trainer yourself some day!

Visit The Foundry in Beaufort SC to Find a Great Personal Trainer

There are more benefits to hiring a personal trainer, but these are several reasons why we think it would benefit you to visit us at The Foundry and speak with one of our personal trainers. Whoever you choose will do their best to make your training a great experience while helping you reach your goals.

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