For new and recurring members who are interested in learning martial arts for self-defense, confidence, physical fitness, and even competition, we are happy to provide a special program.

6 Week Course for $200 $99:
Beginning Tuesday October 18th, 2022

Before you Enroll in the 6 week course, we encourage you and your child(ren) to attend our FREE Orientation on Saturday, October 15th. You can enroll in that class here:

The course lasts six weeks and starts on October 18, 2022. Each new student will have the chance to acquire rank for their first level in the martial arts class at a final evaluation that is planned for the week after the course’s final week.

Our concentration will be on a variety of martial arts topics, with a particular emphasis on self-defense, how to deal with aggression, self-discipline, and how to handle violent confrontations at school or elsewhere.

Most children first experience bullying during the school year, and those who are bullied begin to see its negative effects. Since we are aware that bullies may harm their victims physically, verbally, or psychologically, we educate each child on how to spot bullies, stop their violence if at all possible, and ultimately overcome more powerful bullies in order to defend themselves. Week after week, the same subjects are covered in the course, and students participate in martial arts drills, case studies, and Q&A sessions.

This course aims to give your child an understanding of what constitutes bullying, conflict avoidance techniques, and responses to various bullying scenarios.

Each of the six weeks will have a distinct topic that builds on the week before. Your child will give you a progress report at the end of the third week, which you must sign. At the end of the program, each student will take a test and earn a certificate of completion.

It is advised that each student attends every class session in order to get the most out of the lessons, however in the event that a session is missed, the theme will be covered again the following week.

Bully Prevention Course Syllabus:

  • Week 1 – What is the difference from Martial Arts and Self-Defense
  • Week 2 – What is a Bully?
  • Week 3 – Avoiding Physical Conflict Peacefully
  • Week 4 – Stopping an Attack with Physical Response
  • Week 5 – Defense from Teens and Adults
  • Week 6 – Preparing for Multiple Attackers
  • Certificate of Completion

Even though the training only lasts six weeks, we hope to give your child the confidence and sense of worth that, over time, can help the majority of bullied kids. Additionally, the course will cover how to defend oneself physically when standing, on the ground, and in more risky circumstances.

We appreciate your commitment to your child’s health, and as we proceed through the course, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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