Learn the essential movements of Olympic weightlifting in this 6 week course starting with a FREE orientation on Monday, August 26th at 5:00pm. This course is essential for new weightlifters to develop the skills and technique needed to learn the Snatch and Clean and Jerk lifts. If you have a background in Crossfit or other sports that utilize Olympic lifts, this class will help you refine your techniques to lift more weight and in a more controlled fashion. Better technique means that you can lift heavier with lest risk of injury and without developing bad habits.

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The benefits of this program include increased strength, flexibility, stability and balance, and a great workout. Burn lots of calories while getting stronger and learning a sport that you can compete in.

At the end of the course, you will be ready to enter and compete in our Six Dollar Dare competition where you pay $6 to enter the contest and get $1 back for each of the 6 lifting attempts that you complete.

It is a great way to test your skill and prepare you for other competitions too!

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Olympic Weightlifting for Kids

The class is great for kids as well! Bring your child by the free orientation to meet the coach and see if your child has the interest to see the world while attending Olympic weightlifting events. Team Beaufort weightlifting has had dozens of young students travel to competitions all over the planet.

Getting into Olympic weightlifting at a young age is a great way to develop strong bodies and fight against poor posture and other health issues that modern children face.

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