Self-Defense is the primary driver for every style of martial art that we offer at The Foundry. Sometimes the athletic or sport side of those martial arts can remove some of the focus on self-defense. So we regularly offer self defense classes and seminars for anyone who has a singular intent of learning how to fight back in a physical attack.

Our self-defense seminar is perfect for women or teen girls looking to defend themselves from a larger more aggressive opponent, but all are welcome to attend the seminar. It is a great activity for couples and for parents and their teenage children to learn together. If you are interested for yourself or someone you know, please register now to save your spot!

The course is broken into four parts:

  1. Before the attack – how to be prepared for an attack mentally and by staying aware of your surroundings. This part of the class will discuss the mental aspect you can have to be ready at all times even if you aren’t in imminent danger.
  2. Initial Contact – How to use space, verbal and physical cues to confront your attacker and create distance between yourself and the attacker. This will include clear dialogue and physical postures and movements to prevent physical contact.
  3. Striking from a distance – Dispite the effectiveness of grappling techniques when necessary, we prefer to use striking initially to keep distance and force your attacker to create more distance. If they continue forward or make contact by grabbing you, the techniques move on to part 4.
  4. Grappling to create space or subdue your opponent – When a larger and stronger opponent attacks you, you need to be able to use leverage and technique to overcome their physical advantages. This part of the class includes escapes and attacks from several common grappling positions including being forced on your back or stomach or being strangled.

The class will also feature a question and answer section where you can ask about specific scenarios. We will also give our advice and recommendations for personal safety devices and weapons that can be used for self defense.

Some of the topics and positions in the class may be sensitive to teenagers or people with a history of trauma. We don’t want this to keep anyone from participating, but we would advise teenagers to be accompanied by a parent or guardian and for those who may be triggered by sensitive topics to make us aware of this prior to the class.

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