The Global Pandemic of COVID-19 has created unprecedented changes to everyone’s way of life. We understand that this disease is dangerous and that lives have been and will be lost moving forward. We are not taking the dangers of this infection lightly, but we also know that staying healthy and fit is a great way to develop a strong immune system and to make sure that other negative health risks like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity can be avoided.

Therefore, we look forward to re-opening The Foundry as soon as we get permission from the Governor and the state officials of SC to do so. We will use the following guidelines to make sure that our customer base is safe and to offer the best experience possible to our clients.

Re-Opening Procedures

  • Depending on government regulations, we may offer a limited capacity at a time in the gym (20% of our maximum capacity is still 140 members at a time, so there will be plenty of opportunity for you to train.)
  • All staff will wear face masks while interacting with customers
  • Customers are not required to wear facemasks, but recommended to do so based on current CDC recommendations
  • Hand sanitizer and cleaning solution for equipment will be available for all customers
  • We recommend that you spray and wipe down equipment before and after use
  • Staff will periodically walk through and sanitize equipment
  • Child care will be available but children’s temperatures will be taken before entering and if any symptoms of coughing, sneezing or sore throat are present, those children will not be admitted into the child care area.
  • The child care facility will be open at limited capacity of 5 children at any given time. If we experience bottlenecks with entrance, we will enact child care advanced scheduling.
  • Group fitness, martial arts and gymnastics classes will begin with social distancing procedures in place.

Make the Best Decision for YOU!

Obviously, your safety is very important to us. We want you to train at The Foundry forever, so we are taking steps to help insure that this disease doesn’t affect you because of us. We also understand if you think that it is unsafe to return to the gym and we hope that things return to normal as soon as possible.

Please stay in touch and watch for new posts on our social media platforms for a specific date we can reopen. We will see you all soon. God Bless!!!

How will Social Distancing Effect:

Martial arts classes typically require individuals to interact with contact whether sparring, grappling or just practicing techniques. Because person to person contact is a necessary step in some training, members will be required to have their temperature taken before stepping onto the mat and facial masks will be recommended for members and required for instructors that will be using close proximity with the members.

Gymnastics and Tumbling at The Foundry will start very soon and to make sure that all members are clean and safe, certain steps will be enforced. Steps will include social distancing on matted areas, instructor masks and stations for hand sanitizer after any metal or plastic areas are touched.

When a child must work with an instructor, safety mechanisms like gloves and masks will be worn until a time when the threat level decreases sufficiently to resume normal training procedures.

The Foundry is a facility with ample space for members to spread out in such a way to ensure social distancing. The group fitness classes will use the same principles to keep the threat of transferring the virus to a minimum. Group fitness instructors will wear a mask as needed and equipment that will be used in any group fitness classes will be sanitized before and after the class.

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  1. May 7, 2020

    Good plan. Looking forward to getting back in the space!

  2. July 11, 2020

    Will your gyms still be 24/7 once reopened ??

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