Free – $15
10:00 am — 3:00 pm
The Foundry
The Foundry, 2127 Boundary St Ste 18-B, Beaufort, SC, 29902, United States
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Saturday, February 20, will be a casual meet at Foundry just to try to hit a few PR’s and get used to what a meet feels like. It will be casual, but we will make every effort to make it as close to a competitive meet as possible.


10:00 AM – Weigh-in
10:30 AM – Lifting begins


  1. Squat
  2. Bench Press
  3. Deadlift
  4. There will be a brief break between lifts.

    General Notes:

    • If you are going to wear a belt, make it a good one. Velcro is not allowed.
    • You will need knee-high socks for the deadlift.
    • I’m not going to worry about knee sleeves or wraps (feel free to wear them if you’d like).
    • But we will not be allowing squat suits or bench press shirts.
    • A t-shirt (not a tank) is required for the squat and bench press for men and for all three lifts for women (try to find an old cotton one that grabs; nothing slippery).
    • For a typical competition you will compete in a singlet. But I’m not going to ask you to buy one (yet) if you don’t have one. Please just wear tight fitting clothes. That will make lifting and judging easier.
    • You’ll need to give me your “openers” (in kilos; start thinking in kilos!) – your first lift in each of the three – after you weigh in. Make your opener a lift that you know you can hit. A good suggestion is a weight that you can consistently double – at depth!
    • Have all 9 “best-case-scenario” lifts in mind. If you miss, no big deal; we will adjust.
    • If we have less than 15 lifters, we will have one “flight”. More than 15 and I will break it up. Count on no more than 15 minutes between lifts (first to second attempt, etc.). Usually, each lifter takes about 1 minute.
    • In a standard meet format, you will have 1 minute max from the time the bar is loaded to lift (or get the judge’s command). We will stick with that.
    • And you have 1 minute to give the judges your next attempt after you lift.
    • Don’t worry. We will have a brief “rules” meeting before we start, but for now please practice bench pressing with a slight pause at the chest (momentary, brief stoppage of the bar).

    We will use this scoring system for Best Lifters, but again your goal is to hit PRs!



February 20, 2021
10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Free – $15
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The Foundry
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